Whichever programme you undertake, coaching has an essential part to play. Yes, training is important but our experience of training over the years has shown us that little is achieved by way of impact by training alone.

To have impact, individuals must take responsibility for taking action as a result of  their training. In all of our programmes we achieve impact by conducting either face to face coaching conversations, Skype calls, telephone calls and by email.

As part of each programme is to develop an individual action plan, coaching is THE critical process to ensure you achieve your actions and goals.

Developing your specific skills is a process rather than a programme and everyone will progress at a different pace.

That is why coaching is so critical – to take account of individual differences. Yes, everyone may learn the same things but everyone will apply the lessons learned differently. If you truly want value for money and for your training to have impact, the support offered by coaching is invaluable. Don’t just take our word for it, see the evidence from the research (links to box on right hand side)