Corporate Coaching

Corporate CoachingExecutive, Leadership and Management Coaching

Coaching is about personal and professional development. It helps to develop managers and leaders by increasing their self-awareness and building and changing their personal and professional skills to ultimately drive long-term organisational success and achievement of business goals by increasing levels of engagement and empowerment. Coaching at this level focuses on building individual strengths, developing strategic thinking skills, broadening emotional competencies and developing organisational culture through living the corporate values.

The range of coaching services offered centres around the following:

The typical goals of leadership and executive coaching include:

  • Increasing the range and flexibility of the client’s behavioural repertoire
  • Increasing the client’s ability to manage a team/organisation, planning, staffing, leading, decision- making, problem solving and goal setting.
  • Improving  the client’s psychological and social competencies:
    • Social awareness
    • Tolerance for ambiguity
    • Increasing the range of emotional responses
    • Ability to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationships within a diverse workforce
    • Increase awareness and knowledge of motivation, learning and organisational  behaviour
    • Improve capacity to learn and grow
    • Improve management skills and coping with stress
  • Increase the client’s ability to manage self and others in conditions of change, challenge, crisis and conflict
  • Develop key competences


Read more about Corporate Coaching:

+Performance Coaching
This is for Individuals whose targets have become more challenging or who have an urgent need to deliver results.
The overall goals are normally agreed in advance with the individual’s line manager and human resources. The coach offers support and challenge in building the individual’s confidence and motivation to dramatically accelerate results.
+Developmental Coaching
This is for high potential individuals or those approaching career transition. It will enable individuals to discover their core values, strengths and motivational drivers. In the case of senior leaders this can result in a much more coherent, effective and inspirational style..
+1st 90 Days- Onboarding
This is for individuals who have just taken on new responsibilities for example, a technically competent person who’s taken on their first major line management role. Or, a new senior recruit to the organisation.
This programme supports newly appointed individuals into their roles, maximising their performance from day one and going forward.