Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Is this it?
Are you where you want to be?
Are you doing the things you love?
If not, why not?
Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

Is Personal Coaching for you?

Research suggests that the biggest factor in how well we will be living in ten years time is likely to be the decisions we are taking today. But we are often so bogged down in the demands of the present moment that we don’t step back and consider what is going to be really important to us in ten years time. One of the key roles as a  coach is helping you make decisions that you will look back on with satisfaction in later years.

Life coaching is generally for people who want more of something, less of something, or just want life to be different. We are all so busy, it is often easier to accept second best, to run fewer risks and achieve few real successes.

What matters most to you? What one thing could you do that would make a positive difference to your life? We believe that you deserve to be living a life that excites and fulfils you so that you can use your particular talents and abilities.

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+Wanting more: How would it be if you
  • had more confidence and higher self-esteem
  • were more organised and efficient
  • had more friends and fun
  • had more money/financial security
  • had more choice
  • were fitter and healthier
  • had more time to do the things you are missing out on
  • had more balance and order
  • had a greater sense of purpose
  • improved your concentration and decision-making skills
+Wanting less: How would it be if you
  • felt less stressed
  • lost weight
  • had fewer problems
  • had less conflict and confusion in your life
  • had less clutter in your life
+Wanting life to be different: How would it be if you
  • could achieve a different image
  • could have better relationships
  • worked towards a new career
  • became self-employed
  • could unearth and tap into your creativity
  • achieved a fulfilling life


If you can identify with the above questions, then coaching will help you achieve the things you want. What if you had someone to support, motivate, challenge, inspire and encourage you, sharing your hopes and dreams, helping you define what you truly want from life?

With a coach you will:

  • talk about problems and challenges with someone who won’t interrupt you, make judgements or criticise you
  • work through any lack of motivation and limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • have space and time to think through your challenges and options
  • have a confidential sounding board for  your ideas and develop  action plans
  • focus your direction in life

Personal coaching is a challenging experience and will require a high level of enthusiasm and commitment. It can be hard work, but is exceptionally rewarding for those who are ready to make changes in their life.

Are you ready to make changes? Contact us for an initial discussion.