How We Work


We like to think we are not the usual training or coaching company.
We don’t do just coaching, or just training

Whether at work or at play every individual wants to be heard and make an impact.
At Smart PD we recognise that, like the clothes that we wear, no one size or design or colour suits all of us, so why would only one style of personal development be expected to fit either. Smart PD therefore specialises in the tailored approach to getting the most out of any individual or group of individuals.

With over 20 years experience in delivering learning and development programmes,  Smart PD has developed a blended approach that combines the essential and most powerful elements of both training and coaching, designed to fully engage each individual and enable them to maximise the quality, clarity and impact of their performance, be that as a key decision maker, part of a team or in a social setting.

Setting the right foundation is the key to building performance and achieving results so we always start by listening. Before anything else, taking the time to truly understand exactly what outcome a business or an individual wants to achieve is essential and saves time, money and disappointment later on. Once we understand exactly what your objectives are we can then design an individual or team based programme that meets those objectives the SMART way.