There are different types of training.

There is knowledge transfer training which purely aims to impart knowledge to your staff for them to try and find a way to use within their job function, and which, experience shows, ¬†doesn’t have much lasting impact on its own.

Then there is coaching which supports the individual to use both knowledge gained and their other underlying (but sometimes dormant) skill sets and strengths, in tandem, more effectively.

There is a place for both, but if you seek for your staff to make a real and long term impact in your business then you may want to consider developing and extending them as individuals. That way the knowledge based training goes much further and the added bonus of a more motivated and effective staff will give your business a real edge beyond the knowledge you want them to gain. The ROI is better and it isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Whether you are receiving training within an organisation, or, you are aiming to develop yourself and be more personally effective, the starting point is a range of assessment tools to determine the areas in which you need to develop to become more personally effective and to manage your own performance at work.

We always start with an assessment of Strengths. Everyone works differently and has different strengths and skills, it is therefore imperative that we discover your optimum way of working. We do this by asking you to complete a full Strengths profile which we use as a starting point for working together.

These initial assessments help us ensure that your training is targeted, focused and has measurable impact. Using this approach means that training is tailored to your particular needs. The training is combines with coaching to ensure maximum effect and impact.

This is a double win, a business should see enhanced performance from their staff and staff feel that their employer is also doing something for them, that can help in all aspects of their lives.