Individual Training

Individual Training In an increasingly competitive workplace environment there is a growing need for each of us to work at the peak of our performance. So, whether you are in a job where you want to be more personally effective, or you are looking for a change of role, this programme is for you.

The Personal Effectiveness Programme is conducted over a six-month period to ensure you are able to embed your learning into everyday life. The programme provides a blend of face to face training and coaching days, workbooks, and email and telephone conversations to support you throughout.

Is this programme for you?

Ask yourself the following questions, would you like to:

  • Improve your performance and effectiveness at work?
  • Get the best from yourself and others?
  • Become more productive, assertive, confident and influential?
  • Understand why and how communication sometimes goes wrong and be able to put it right?
  • Improve your presentation skills?
  • Be a more effective problem solver and decision-maker?
  • Manage your day more productively and become more organised?
  • Be less stressed?

If you answered Yes, to one or more of the above, then the Personal Effectiveness Programme is for you.

Some Personal Effectiveness Programmes are usually delivered as a one ore two day training course. We challenge anyone to deliver this vast area successfully and ensure impact in such a short space of time. We like to ensure our programmes have measurable impact, so a six month period ensures you can implement the concepts from the programme and that you are supported throughout by coaching.

We always start with a Strengths assessment which is then linked to your individual action plan. We also look at areas where you are not so strong and build these into the action plan too.

We find the best of you in your Strengths and maximise the use of these to fit closely with your goals to help you become more personally effective.